Silicone 3D Printing

Spectroplast is a Service Provider for end-use Silicone products that are functional and perform.

We deliver what we promise:

  • True Silicones
  • Highest performance & quality standards
  • Biocompatible and ISO DIN EN10993-05 / 10
  • Shore Hardness A20, A35, A50 and A60
  • Highest precision 0.1 mm

Silicone 3D Printing Service

Spectroplast has developed a patented Silicone Additive Manufacturing (SAM) Technology that enables processing of true silicones at highest precision, reliability and speed. Our breakthrough innovation comes from the development of a novel additive manufacturing technology that enables direct fabrication of pure silicones without the use of moulds - suitable for industrial and medical applications. Similar to Stereolithography (SLA) and Digital Light Processing (DLP), SAM works by selectively exposing silicone to a light source to form very thin solid layers that stack up to create the final object. Final post-processing then results in the finished end-use part that is very comparable to silicone objects obtained by injection moulding and casting.

Silicone Additive Manufacturing

Build Platform, Resolution and Design Guidelines

Overhangs and Support Structures

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    1 – 10’ 000
    Units p. Annum

  • image


    ShA20 - A60
    100 % Silicone
    ISO DIN EN 10993-05
    ISO DIN EN 10993-10

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    0.1 mm XYZ
    Smooth Surface

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    10 Days Standard
    5 Days Express

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    Zero Waste
    Green Technology

Silicone 3D Printing -
A result of years of development

Spectroplast is a Spinoff from ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. At Spectroplast we uniquely combine profound material expertise with process excellence for Additive Manufacturing - a result of years of cutting-edge research.

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