Our Mission

To provide our customers with unprecedented and rapid silicone solutions, enabling them to achieve their goals

Our Vision

Breaking boundaries, by leading the industrial revolution in elastomers and placing inspirations and solutions at the hands of people


Environment – People – Society

At Spectroplast, we want to contribute to a more sustainable world by operating our business thereby posing less of a burden on the environment, to greater health and safety in production and to a more equal society. Our long-term success can only be ensured by a corporate strategy that equally considers ecological, people, and social aspects.

Considering the dangers posed by climate change and the social challenges that go with it, we must step up our efforts. We are therefore taking responsibility for our actions, producing high-quality products, and being socially by outlining and defining targets, measuring our achievements thereto and continuously seeking further measures to further improve our sustainability footprint. This spans our customers, suppliers, environment and last but not least our employees and their families.

Innovation & Quality Products

We passionately work to create unique products with exceptional value. It is our priority to combine innovation with quality and speed. During the production process, we consult with experts from different areas to ensure Spectroplast’s unique level of quality. Various patents are proof of Spectroplast’s level of innovation and quality.


Our products are developed and manufactured in Schlieren, Switzerland. Spanning a large part of the value chain allows us to control processes and to have transparency in manufacturing. Because we continuously optimize our production processes and manufacturing facility, our state-of-the-art technology enables us to offer products while prudently manage ressources.


We passionately work to achieve our goal of manufacturing products that have outstanding added value. Our priority is to combine high performance with innovation and uniqueness. The result is intelligently-designed products that enable customers to sustainably achieve their own targets.

Made in Switzerland

Our products are manufactured in our factory in Switzerland. The biggest advantages of our site are the established supply chains and the short transport routes.



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