Accelerating innovation

Silicone Additive Manufacturing (SAM) enables on-demand manufacturing of end-use silicone products in injection moulding quality. It is a cost-effective and ultra-fast complementary technology to injection moulding for quantities between 1 – 50’000 units. SAM does not require any tooling nor molds while enabling an unprecedented precision of 0.1 mm and complete freedom in design. Products manufactured with SAM are 100% silicone and cannot be distinguished from injection-moulded parts as they look, feel and perform the same. 

Sealants / Gaskets / Grommets

Silicone Additive Manufacturing delivers custom sealing solutions or spare parts meeting highest quality standards with an excellent surface finish.

Buttons / Keypads / Input Solutions

The best cost-efficient solution for any HMI application.

Silicone Additive Manufacturing guarantees that your input solution has the proper haptic feedback and is of impeccable quality in every aspect.

Sanitary Solutions

Where innovation meets excellence.

Silicone Additive Manufacturing enables innovative sanitary products of highest quality and functionality that are sustainable and unique.


Microparts that make a difference.

High-precision micro-sized silicone parts are mission-critical for many industrial sectors, including medical products, household appliances, food and beverage industry, and electrical engineering.

Adapters / Holders

From reducers, couplers and holder to adapter and fittings.

Silicone Additive Manufacturing always guarantees a perfect fit regardless of part complexity.

Electronic Connectors

Where performance is mission critical.

Silicone is an excellent electrical insulator and waterproof. Silicone connectors protect and connect electrical parts used in automotive and many other electrical industries.


Protecting moving parts.

Bellows create a flexible and airtight protection to eliminate dust from moving parts in machinery.

Suction Cups

Suction cups provide a solid fixture and are used in pick and place applications. Custom designs now offer the next level of functionality and reliability.

Silicone Moulds

From chocolate to microfluidics to fine quality jewellery. Custom silicone moulds are the perfect tool for your serial production.

Automation / Robotics

For a better grip.

Explore new possibilities for food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals automation with custom soft grippers. Soft grippers easily handle a wide array of irregular shapes and delicate objects.

Complex Parts

Endorse complexity to offer ingenuity.

Until now, silicone products have been restricted by the shape limitations of injection moulding. Silicone Additive Manufacturing overcomes such tradition manufacturing limitations and allows to focus on function rather than shape.

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