Silicone Additive Manufacturing

Silicone Additive Manufacturing (SAM) is a patented technology that enables processing of 100% pure silicones at highest precision, reliability and speed. Our breakthrough innovation comes from the development of a novel Additive Manufacturing technology that enables direct fabrication of pure silicones without the use of moulds – suitable for industrial and medical end-use products complementary to injection molding.


Design Guidelines

Small to Mid-series

Customer specific, scalable manufacturing solutions starting from as little as 1 unit through to serial production.

Quality & Precision

High quality resin coupled with our 100 μm print resolution result in isotropic material characteristics and a smooth surface finish.

Lead Times

From order to delivery in as
little as 7 days. Manufacturing
within 5 days with our
express service or 10 days as

Design Freedom

From microparts with
ultra-thin walls to parts
with complex geometries,
we can print what others

On-Demand Service


Setup your Account

  • Go to or use the button below.
  • Sign up using your E-Mail and Information.
  • Configure your region settings for language, currency and units.
  • Setup all you company information such as billing and shipping address.

Upload your 3D File

Our webshop accepts a variety of 3D filetypes such as .stl .3dm .obj .prt .zip .3mf .igs .iges and many more. If you’re having trouble uploading your file just reach out and our team will be happy to assist you.

Printability Check & 3D Viewer

Once your part is uploaded to the system, there are four automatic checks that are performed. Open the 3D viewer to inspect your part using the features present.

  1. Your part is optimized and converted into a different file format.
  2. Your part is checked if it contains thin walls.
  3. Your parts is checked if it is one single shell and not multiple loose parts.
  4. Your parts is checked if it fits into the build chamber.

Important: Check your part in the 3D viewer using the Wall Thickness Analysis. This feature shades your part in different colors depending on if areas are critical. If any area or surface appears orange or red, send a request instead of directly ordering your part.

Important: If certain areas or surfaces of your part shall not have any support structures please inform our team by leaving a comment on your order or contacting our sales team.

Choose Quantity, Material & Service

Select the amount of parts by entering the desired number or using the plus and minus buttons. With that choose your desired material out of the 4 different silicone shores we offer, shore 20A, 35A, 50A and 60A. Need your parts asap? Choose the express service to get your parts manufactured within 5-7 days or if you’re chill about it choose standard for 10-15 days.

Place order or request a quote

Almost done! Add a reference number or PO number that your business or yourself might require and place the order. You will be able to choose between 2 payment methods:

  • Stripe (Credit Card)
  • Invoice Prepayment

If you’d like to talk to us about the price or your project then just send a request, or save your quote for later.

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Have a few more minutes? Read below to get some insights!

What to consider when ordering

Single Item Order Pricing

When ordering a single item, which’s footprint allows us to nest it among other parts on the builplate, the price is affected by how much your parts footprint allows us to place other parts by it.

Item Price per Plate

If you increase the number of parts for your order and at the same time are able to fit all parts on one plate, this will result in a reduction of the price per part.


Your parts will be oriented automatically to minimize or inhibit the use of support structures and thus improve surface quality. For this process to go as smoothly as possible, please  do not upload your parts with support structures. If your part requires support structures our team will add these beforehand and remove them after printing.

Printing Cost & Height

The printing cost is highly affected by the parts height, meaning that print time is not affected by the amount of parts on the plate only by their height.

Common Errors

  • Due to horizontal internal channels, our automatic orientation system might orient your parts with the longest dimension as the Z-dimension, increasing the printing time and thus cost, don’t be disheartened, just request manual pricing.
  • Organically shaped geometries might result in wrong automatic orientation and thus wrong pricing.
  • For high volume orders of upwards of 1000 pieces, request manual pricing.