Custom Prosthetics to Improve Patient’s Lives

Every patient’s situation is unique. All prosthetics and orthotics need a custom fit to meet each patient’s specific needs and lifestyle to ensure a comfortable fit.

Silicone Additive Manufacturing allows for true customization and an end-to-end digital workflow, ensuring reliability while reducing costs and manufacturing time.


Custom orthopedic appliance with the perfect fit.

From scan to the final orthosis in a single step. Silicone Additive Manufacturing provides an end-to-end digital workflow for custom orthopedic appliances.


Custom made prosthesis that are more than just a prosthesis.

Prostheses often come as ready-made products in a few standardized forms and sizes. For the first time, Silicone Additive Manufacturing provides an auspicious solution for patients to obtain custom-made prostheses that feel and look handcrafted but come at an affordable price.


Enabling digital fabrication of epithesis.

Silicone Additive Manufacturing allows the digital fabrication of epitheses such as toes, fingers, noses, and ears.

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