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Materialize your designs with Silicone products straight out of the printer. No moulds needed! Your imagination is the only limit.

Silicone Rubber Products Manufacturer

Stay Flexible with Silicone Parts

Customised headphones or hearing protection? We move along with the evolving needs in life-enhancing sectors that require biocompatible and certified Silicones to revolutionise the next generation of customised devices with a positive impact on our lives.

Healthcare & Wearable Products

Hearing and dental

Spectroplast aims at enhancing your quality of life by providing customized hearing aids and ear protection, orthopedic shoe insoles, ergonomic cushions, snoring remedies and dental prosthesis.

Anatomically-relevant medical models such as surgical training phantoms, organ phantoms, tissue-simulating phantoms and surgical guides to groove the techniques used in medicine.

From Prototypes To End-Use Parts That Perform

Entering Series Production

Industrial Silicone products require precision and performance to the point. With the outstanding accuracy and surface finish combined with the excellent mechanical performance, our components are validated for end-use parts. Applications range from aerospace and automotive industry to home accessories, and much more. No moulds required!

Industrial Components

Sealing Solutions

The exceptional surface finish found on our products allows for fabrication of custom sealing components starting at one piece. No moulds required!

Our optically clear silicones are ideal for components of consumer products - ranging from home appliances and dishware to baby products.

New Horizons in Soft Robotics

Uncovered by Silicone 3D Printing

Silicone 3D printing has received increasing attention due to a wide range of applications that require soft and compliant materials. Now, Silicone 3D Printing opens new ways to fabricate soft robotics due to its unlimited geometrical freedom of design and fast iteration cycles.

Soft Robotics

For the Young

And Young at Heart

Masks and models, Silicone moulds, animatronics and toys for children and adults. At Spectroplast, we believe in making art and entertainment more personalized and accessible. The unlimited shape freedom our technology provides is a designer's dream.

Art & Entertainment

Life-Saving Patient-Specific Medical Devices

For Next Generation Personalised Healthcare

Using our biocompatible and certified Silicones, we help you bring precision, flexibility and the highest degree of customisation to the next generation of medical devices.

Medical Products

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Silicone Masks And Models

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