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Silicone Rubber Products Manufacturer

Prototypes to Serial Production

Industrial End-Use Parts

Technical silicone parts that look and perform just like injection moulded parts delivered in days. Seals and gaskets need to fulfill highest requirements. Spectroplast is the first 3D Print Service for technical silicone parts that meet industry standards with respect to precision, performance and price.

Silicone Additive Manufacturing vs Injection Moulding

Industrial End-Use Parts

Liquid injection moulding (LIM) starts with the production of a mould – which takes several months and costs a fortune. Once the mold is ready, mass production can start.

Silicone Additive Manufacturing (SAM) on the other hand does not require moulds and one can instantly start with production. You can be 90% faster while saving 50% of costs!

LIM vs SAM – A Cost Comparison

Industrial End-Use Parts

LIM takes 16 weeks out of which 12-14 weeks are taken for mold production with a minimal order quantity of 1’000 pieces and fixed costs of EUR 25’000.

SAM has 1 week lead time for the same amount of parts as no time gets lost on mold making. Minimal order quantity starts at a single unit and at zero fixed costs.

Healthcare and Medical Products

Medical and Healthcare

Silicone is used in medical equipment (tubing, pumps) but also in direct contact with the body (catheters, IVs and implants). Their use in medical applications is driven in part by the fact they resist adhering to body tissue and do not support microbial growth. Silicone can be sterilized prior to its end use.

All Medura® silicones comply with the highest regulatory standards that ensure that the silicones are biocompatible, non-cytotoxic and safe for skin contact and even short-term implantation.

Until now, the use of silicone has been limited to standardized geometries due to limited manufacturing processes. With the emerge of silicone Additive Manufacturing, medical products that are specifically customised to the patent are finally becoming a reality.



What has been long awaited in the audiology space is finally here: Direct Silicone 3D printing. From scans to end-use products in a single click – forget cast forms. Spectroplast is using digital workflows to manufacture highest quality custom ear products consistently and at high volumes.

Trusted for their reliability and precision, Spectroplast’s Medura® silicones meet all regulatory requirements for applications like behind-the-ear hearing aids, hearing protection, custom ear plugs and earbuds.

Custom Prosthesis and Orthotics


We are all equal, but unique. That is why our custom prosthesis are fitted to meet each patient's specific needs and lifestyle. The focus always lies on the patient’s hopes and expectations to provide an exquisitely customized and functional prosthesis that feels much more like an accessory than a prosthesis. Prosthetic devices include breast prosthesis after mastectomy and lumpectomy, hand orthosis, ear and toe reconstruction, and many more.



Bite splints, mouth guards or gingival masks are just a few applications of silicone in the dental industry. For the first time, Silicone 3D printing enables dentists to tailor custom solutions to patients quickly and reliably. Trusted for their precision and performance, Spectroplast’s Medura® silicones meet all regulatory requirements for short term use in dentistry.


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