Water is truly the essence of life; no living being would be able to survive without it. Therefore, it is no wonder that drinking water is under the strictest regulations among all consumer goods. With our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to produce high-performance products that meet these high standards.

To keep our drinking water clean and safe, it is of the utmost importance to work with non-toxic and biocompatible materials.  To meet these requirements, most elastic parts used in the sanitary sector are made of silicone. Until recently, faster life cycles and the lack of possibilities in additive manufacturing made it hard for the industry to make real progress in product development.

With the technological advances made in additive manufacturing, Spectroplast is able to provide high-performing products of the best quality. We supply prototypes and pre-serial products to one of the largest sanitary goods manufacturers worldwide. Due to the extremely high resolution of the parts, every nozzle with a diameter of only 0.35mm can fulfill its function perfectly and can be modified to improve and secure the water supply.  This makes the manufacturing process much more cost- and time-effective than traditional methods like injection molding.

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About Spectroplast

Spectroplast is a Swiss technology company that is making headlines worldwide for its revolutionary invention – the production of high-quality silicone parts via 3D printing. Behind the invention are two engineers from ETH Zurich, who successfully turned their vision into reality.

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