In today’s world, the demand for custom-manufactured silicone parts in the micro-range is on the rise. Industrial companies and the medical industry are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits of user-configured silicone applications. Thanks to our unique process, we can produce micrometer-precise designs via 3D technology.

Our digital variable devices are getting increasingly smaller, leading manufacturers to develop smaller housings and seals, especially for medical variable devices.

The products shown were made for a leading manufacturer of diabetes control equipment. In the healthcare sector, the requirements for quality and precision are extremely high. The slightest deviations in the micrometer range can decide whether an application works or not. Our innovative production process enables the qualitative manufacture of such applications and guarantees accuracy in the micromillimeter range.

But it is not only for quality reasons that manufacturers in the medical technology sector prefer our 3D silicone printing process: by using layering work in accordance with design guidelines, we can also offer our customers large print runs (up to 20,000 units/month). In addition, our customers also appreciate the on-demand production without initial costs for the production of a mold, which would incur in the injection molding process.

Contact us for advice on how to design the part to achieve the highest productivity and keep your production costs below those of injection molding. You will also benefit from the shortest lead times on the market.

About Spectroplast

Spectroplast is a Swiss technology company that is making headlines worldwide for its revolutionary invention – the production of high-quality silicone parts via 3D printing. Behind the invention are two engineers from ETH Zurich, who successfully turned their vision into reality.

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