Electrical Connectors

In recent decades, the process of additive manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D printing, has undergone massive transformation and has become indispensable as many companies make a shift towards electrification. Huge advantages can be seen in the production of electrical connectors, with faster lead times, high-performance materials, and personalization.

While the production of electrical connectors using traditional methods is complex and may take weeks, the production of additively manufactured electrical connectors is much shorter and less complex while also creating a superb and higher-quality product.

The electrical connectors pictured was manufactured for one of the largest electrical connection solutions company in Germany. They aimed for a solution made with high-performance materials, high sealing characteristics, flexibility, and excellent electrical conductivity behavior. We were able to fulfill all the client’s requirements, and were also able to increase the final output per month by the thousands. Due to the nature of the short production cycle and manufacturing process, we are able to keep costs at a minimum without compromising the quality of the finished product.

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About Spectroplast

Spectroplast is a Swiss technology company that is making headlines worldwide for its revolutionary invention Рthe production of high-quality silicone parts via 3D printing. Behind the invention are two engineers from ETH Zurich, who successfully turned their vision into reality. 

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