With a click of a button, we can log in to apps; we can have groceries delivered to our doorstep and can navigate to the very top of a building. Every day we communicate with devices, giving them signals through the touch of our fingertips. While digital buttons have certainly increased in the past decade, conventional controls are still used for many appliances, such as for elevators.

Most of us remember the pure and simple joy of pressing the elevator button as a child and the feeling of movement as it brought us to the next floor. Even today, most of us prefer conventional push-buttons over a digital screen in an elevator.

A large elevator manufacturer from Switzerland hired us to create a push-button with the correct haptics in accordance with their required design specifications. Our silicones have a wide range on the silicone durometer, which allows us to design buttons that aren’t only appealing in design but meet all your needs regarding haptics.

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About Spectroplast

Spectroplast is a Swiss technology company that is making headlines worldwide for its revolutionary invention – the production of high-quality silicone parts via 3D printing. Behind the invention are two engineers from ETH Zurich, who successfully turned their vision into reality. 

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